Saturday, May 2, 2015

Exercise 14: Fill in the Blanks with suitable words- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

131 Q) The Greenland ice sheet is ___ at the rate of about 50 cubic miles a year.
(1) smelting
(2) condensing
(3) melting
(4) freezing 
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132 Q) We had_____money left, so we went out for a meal. We decided to abandon our trip as we had ____money left.
(1) a little, a little
(2) little, a little
(3) a few, few
(4) a little, little 
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133 Q) He was .................................... accept the grudgingly given invitation.
(1) not enough sensible to
(2) sensible enough to
(3) sensible enough not to
(4) sensible enough to not
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134 Q) The manager wanted to meet you ............................. the theft in the office.
(1) referring to
(2) with regard to
(3) with reference to
(4) in connection with 
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135 Q) Ramappa______________as the mayor of the town and he will assume charge this Friday.
(1) elects
(2) elected
(3) is elected
(4) is electing
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136 Q) Girls generally______in their mother.
(1) confide
(2) confident
(3) confidential
(4) confidence 
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137 Q) The railway coaches_______by the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.
(1) is manufactured
(2) are manufactured
(3) are manufacture
(4) is being manufactured 
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138 Q) You have all come well prepared. I_____you to pass this exam.
(1) wish
(2) except
(3) hope
(4) expect 
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139 Q) She feared that she__________.
(1) will fail
(2) may fail
(3) might have fail
(4) would fail 
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140 Q) The officer___the car to speak to the driver.
(1) stops
(2) has stopped
(3) stopped
(4) had stopped 
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