Saturday, May 2, 2015

Exercise 28: Fill in the Blanks with suitable words- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

271 Q) How did these things come _____?
(1) about
(2) into
(3) at
(4) down 
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272 Q) The news was_________good to be true.
(1) very
(2) too
(3) so
(4) as 
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273 Q) Rajesh’s car wasn’t___________ Ramesh’s, so we were too exhausted by the time we reached home.......
(1) such comfortable
(2) as comfortable as
(3) comfortable enough
(4) so comfortable that 
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274 Q) Corruption should be _____ out with the utmost vigour.
(1) talked
(2) left
(3) rooted
(4) brought 
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275 Q) The sudden change in his behaviour came as a surprise to me, I began____
(1) to cut a sorry figure
(2) to smell a rat
(3) to turn a new leaf
(4) to blow hot and cold 
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276 Q) I’m not as successful.......she is.
(1) then
(2) as
(3) like
(4) than 
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277 Q) The cost of_____is rising rapidly in this city.
(1) being
(2) existing
(3) suiviving
(4) living 
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278 Q) Ram, along with the members of the family and that of his friend, ............................. a movie.
(1) was watching
(2) were watching
(3) have been watching
(4) watch 
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279 Q) All decisions, _________. are likely to be taken by consensus.
(1) anyhow
(2) forever
(3) somehow
(4) however 
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280 Q) Just as in a family it is the willing cooperation of its members that ___happiness and contentment, so is it in the larger family of the nation.
(1) brought
(2) will bring
(3) brings
(4) bought
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