Saturday, May 2, 2015

Exercise 26: Fill in the Blanks with suitable words- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

251 Q) 700 men worked for 10 years to.......the Borobudur temple in Java to its former glory.
(1) restore
(2) give
(3) create
(4) revive 
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252 Q) John must have the______to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight.
(1) obstinacy
(2) determination
(3) decision
(4) obligation 
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253 Q) Most people are influenced by ____advertisements and tend to believe the claims made about the product.
(1) colourful
(2) aggressive
(3) efficient
(4) vigorous 
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254 Q) A good teacher should________ responses from the students.
(1) elicit
(2) provoke
(3) command
(4) infer 
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255 Q) Many a man_________imprisoned without trial in Fascist countries.
(1) are
(2) were
(3) is
(4) have been 
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256 Q) Many women in developing countries experience a cycle of poor health that______before they are born.
(1) originates
(2) derives
(3) begins
(4) establishes 
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257 Q) Many Tamil-speaking Sri Lankans ...................... from the island to escape the militaiy and its atrocities.
(1) flown
(2) flee
(3) fled
(4) flew 
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258 Q) He knows French and German ____Russian.
(1) beside
(2) besides
(3) aside
(4) except 
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259 Q) Since Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s father never approved of ............................. Robert Browning, the couple eloped to Italy where they lived and wrote,
(1) her to marry
(2) her marrying
(3) she marrying
(4) she to marry 
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260 Q) The farmers____________their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was approaching.
(1) will leave
(2) would leave
(3) will have left
(4) would have left 
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