Saturday, May 2, 2015

Exercise 25: Fill in the Blanks with suitable words- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

241 Q) The plane will take off when the thunderstorm_____.
(1) stops
(2) stopped
(3) would stop
(4) will stop 
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242 Q) Every year millions of tourists ............... the Anna Centenary Library in Chennai.
(1) visiting
(2) visit
(3) are visiting
(4) visited
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243 Q) The chef was wondering______.
(1) when to brush his teeth
(2) what to prepare for the important dinner
(3) how to wash the dishes
(4) when to take the dog for a walk 
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244 Q) They have lost___of their con- tacts.
(1) little
(2) much
(3) many
(4) small 
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245 Q) Man is essentially a___animal and tends to associate with others.
(1) sentimental
(2) gregarious
(3) selfish
(4) perverse 
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246 Q) My sister and______are pleased to accept your invitation.
(1) I
(2) me
(3) myself
(4) I myself 
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247 Q) How much longer___this book ?
(1) you are needing
(2) will you be needing
(3) will you have needed
(4) have you needed 
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248 Q) My book is the new one; .......................................... is the torn one.
(1) your
(2) the book of you
(3) yours
(4) the book your 
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249 Q) If you have roses growing in your garden, you can make a lovely _____of flowers at home.
(1) bouqutte
(2) bucquete
(3) bouquete
(4) bouquet 
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250 Q) The food that an average Indian eats has been found to be deficient_______vitamins and proteins.
(1) of
(2) from
(3) with
(4) in 
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