Saturday, May 2, 2015

Exercise 33: Fill in the Blanks with suitable words- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

321 Q) There were two small rooms in the beach house...............served as a kitchen.
(1) The smaller of which
(2) The smallest of which
(3) The smaller of them
(4) Smallest of that 
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322 Q) Meditation is______way to calm your nerves.
(1) a best
(2) one of the best
(3) the best
(4) an best 
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323 Q) _____a walk in the morning will improve your health
(1) Going to
(2) Goto
(3) Go for
(4) Going for 
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324 Q) I have little time, so I can tell you only............what he said.
(1) shortly
(2) briefly
(3) little of
(4) briskly 
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325 Q) I hate him for the simple reason that he keeps singing his own praises continually talking about himself. He is an irritating___. He is a real________because for anything he does he always expects something in return, a selfish person indeed.
(1) Poser. Misanthrope
(2) Poser, Egotist
(3) Egoist Misanthrope
(4) Egotist, Egoist 
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326 Q) I have_____ Lakshmi for the past twelve years.
(1) know
(2) knew
(3) known
(4) knows 
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327 Q) Everyone in this world is accountable to God _______ his actions.
(1) about
(2) for
(3) to
(4) over 
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328 Q) _____ politicians are always respected.
(1) Conscious
(2) Conscientious
(3) Cautious
(4) Carefree 
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329 Q) I absolutely refuse to put.............. with that sort of conduct.
(1) up
(2) on
(3) off
(4) out 
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330 Q) You may bring your dog where
(1) you have to pay
(2) there is no water
(3) pets are allowed
(4) pets can sleep 
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