Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 3: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

21 Q) When he saw the tiger he took to his heels.
(1) ran away in fear
(2) went slowly
(3) walked in fear
(4) jumped fast
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22 Q) He has to abide by the hard and fast rule of the company.
(1) flexible
(2) strict
(3) difficult
(4) honest
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23 Q) She goes to her mother’s house off and on.
(1) frequently
(2) rarely
(3) occasionally
(4) sometimes
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24 Q) The robber murdered, the woman in cold blood for the sake of the jewels.
(1) a murder done without feeling
(2) a murder done in revenge
(3) a murder done in great anger
(4) a murder done in enmity
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25 Q) Indians are going places in the field of software technology.
(1) going abroad
(2) going to spaces
(3) talented and successful
(4) friendly and amicable
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26 Q) The poet drew on his fancy not his knowledge of nature, when he wrote his poem on birds.
(1) Used his understanding
(2) Used his knowledge
(3) Used his imagination
(4) Used his skill
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27 Q) My neighbour had to pay through his nose for a brand new car.
(1) Pay huge loans
(2) Pay a reasonable price
(3) Pay an extremely high price
(4) Make a quick buck
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28 Q) Very ambitious people do not like to rest on their laurels.
(1) TO be unhappy
(2) To be motivated
(3) To be impatient
(4) To be complacent
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29 Q) If he phones again, I am going to give him a piece of my mind.
(1) To be nice to him
(2) To take revenge on him
(3) To reprimand him
(4) To support him
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30 Q) The party high command wanted to stave off an open battle.
(1) Postpone
(2) Wait and see
(3) Allow it to take its won course
(4) Prevent
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