Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 9: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

81 Q) As the bomb exploded people ran helter-skelter.
(1) in great fear
(2) in disorderly haste
(3) in haste
(4) in great sorrow
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82 Q) He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of his hard work.
(1) rapidly
(2) slowly
(3) peacefully
(4) strongly
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83 Q) Our founder had done a Herculean task by constructing this great educational institution.
(1) a work of no worth
(2) on effortless job
(3) a work requiring very great effort
(4) a work requiring very great intelligence
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84 Q) My close friend got the sack from his first job recently.
(1) resigned
(2) got rid-of
(3) was demoted from
(4) was dismissed from
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85 Q) I can no longer put up with her insolence.
(1) endure
(2) evade
(3) suppress
(4) assume
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86 Q) She is a fair-weather friend.
(1) a good friend
(2) a friend who meets difficulties calmly
(3) one who deserts you in difficulties
(4) a favourable friend
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87 Q) To die in harness means to die while
(1) riding a horse
(2) in a stable
(3) in a uniform
(4) still in service
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88 Q) To keep under wraps means to keep something
(1) covered
(2) protected
(3) unpacked
(4) secret
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89 Q) After independence Indian agriculture rose like a phoenix due to the Green Revolution.
(1) with a new life
(2) with a start
(3) with royal gait
(4) with vengeance
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90 Q) His failure at the election has been a sore point with him for a long time.
(1) something which hurts
(2) something that brings fear to
(3) something memorable for
(4) something pleasurable to
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