Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 5: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

41 Q) Reading between the lines I realized that my friend wanted to keep something from me.
(1) looking for meanings that are not actually expressed
(2) reading carelessly
(3) reading with anxiety
(4) Dancing over the lines
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42 Q) Sometimes, it happens that we have to give the devil his due.
(1) to give credit to even a notorious person
(2) to give encouragement even to the enemy
(3) to invite the devil
(4) to stand in the way of the devil
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43 Q) The king had been made to eat humble pie.
(1) to eat slowly
(2) to have an excellent dish
(3) to eat a good pie
(4) to have to apologise
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44 Q) He was given Hobson’s choice by the employer.
(1) excellent choice
(2) no real choice at all
(3) choice to live or die
(4) first choice
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45 Q) He has a very nice manner, but you would better take what he says with a grain of salt.
(1) to listen to something with considerable doubt
(2) to talk sensibly
(3) to criticise
(4) to complement
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46 Q) He didn't tell me directly, but reading between the lines. I think he is not happy with them.
(1) reading slowly and haltingly
(2) understanding the sense rather than the actual words
(3) understanding the meaning of words and not the sense
(4) reading superficially
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47 Q) Gopi works by fits and starts.
(1) consistently
(2) irregularly
(3) in high spirits
(4) enthusiastically
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48 Q) I cannot put up with your misconduct any longer.
(1) excuse
(2) refuse
(3) accept
(4) tolerate
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49 Q) I did not mind what he was saying, he was only talking through his hat.
(1) talking nonsense
(2) talking ignorantly
(3) talking irresponsibly
(4) talking insultingly
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50 Q) He is so furious that he would go through fire and water to revenge himself on his foe.
(1) approach everybody for help
(2) avail himself of any opportunity
(3) use any conceivable method
(4) undergo any risk
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