Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 4: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

31 Q) Ramesh takes after his father,
(1) Follows
(2) Imitates
(3) Obeys
(4) Resembles
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32 Q) They made no bones about acknowledging their debt to his genius—
(1) Did not have any hesitation in
(2) Did not have any faith in
(3) Demanded compensation for
(4) Had problems in
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33 Q) It is evident from the minister’s statement that heads will roll in the Secretariat.
(1) Transfers will take place
(2) Heads will be cut off
(3) People will die
(4) Dismissals will occur
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34 Q) During the last moments of his life, the criminal made a clean breast of everything he had done.
(1) Showed his breast
(2) Fought like a hero
(3) Confessed without reserve
(4) Faced bravely
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35 Q) She tries very hard to keep up with her rich neighbours.
(1) To imitate
(2) To keep in touch
(3) To avoid
(4) To be on par
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36 Q) He went on sowing wild oats; he reaped suffering in his later life.
(1) inviting troubles as a boy
(2) warning others as a youngman
(3) irresponsible pleasure seeking in young age
(4) sowing grains called oats when young
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37 Q) I don't know why she has become stand-offish recently.
(1) angry
(2) hilarious
(3) indifferent
(4) unmanageable
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38 Q) Why don’t you put an end to blowing your own trumpet ?
(1) playing your own trumpet to produce music
(2) making too much noise
(3) praising your own abilities and achievements
(4) None of these
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39 Q) I knew he had an axe to grind and turned down his offer of help.
(1) a blunt axe
(2) a sharp tongue
(3) a private interest to serve
(4) a tendency to fight
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40 Q) The saint’s life was an open book.
(1) an uncomplicated one
(2) one that held no secrets
(3) an example to all
(4) an interesting biography
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