Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 7: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

61 Q) To blaze a trail
(1) to lead the way as a pioneer
(2) to light a track
(3) to set up a fire
(4) to wear a blazer while running
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62 Q) Red-letter day
(1) a colourful day
(2) fatal day
(3) happy and significant day
(4) hapless day
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63 Q) Have the last laugh
(1) be of a cheerful nature
(2) laugh only after understanding something
(3) to be victorious at the end of an argument
(4) to crack the final joke
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64 Q) Turn a deaf ear
(1) disregard
(2) defy
(3) disobey
(4) dismiss
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65 Q) To smell a rat
(1) to experience bad smell
(2) to misunderstand
(3) to see a hidden meaning
(4) to suspect a trick
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66 Q) A few days before his death, he made a clean breast of everything.
(1) confessed
(2) took off his shirt
(3) suffered
(4) spoke ill
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67 Q) I am done for.
(1) ruined
(2) rewarded
(3) answered
(4) questioned
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68 Q) For a healthy and lasting friendship one must be on the level.
(1) equally rich
(2) mentally compatible
(3) honest and sincere
(4) ready for sacrifices
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69 Q) The foolish young man soon made ducks and drakes of the vast property his father left him.
(1) squandered
(2) distributed
(3) spent
(4) gave in charity
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70 Q) All his ventures went to the winds.
(1) dissipated
(2) spread all over
(3) got speed of the winds
(4) became well-known
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