Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exercise 8: Idioms & Phrases in English- for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank Po, UPSC & GMAT Exams

71 Q) At one's wit's end
(1) to work hard
(2) to be intelligent
(3) to get puzzled
(4) to be stupid
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72 Q) To take someone to task
(1) to scold someone
(2) to assign work to someone
(3) to take someone to his place of work
(4) to praise someone for the work done
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73 Q) To face the music
(1) to be greeted rudely
(2) to be offered warm hospitality
(3) to enjoy a music programme
(4) to bear the consequences
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74 Q) To blow one’s own trumpet
(1) to play on one’s own trumpet
(2) to praise one’s own self
(3) to create noisy disturbances
(4) to have a high-pitched voice
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75 Q) To run one down
(1) to be in a hurry
(2) to be weak and tired
(3) to disparage someone
(4) to run down a lane
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76 Q) At snail’s pace
(1) to do things very slowly
(2) to walk like a snail
(3) to lack interest in work
(4) to do things in methodical manner
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77 Q) To turn a deaf ear
(1) to be hard of hearing
(2) to be indifferent
(3) to be attentive
(4) to be obstinate
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78 Q) To take to one’s heels
(1) to run off
(2) to show one’s heels
(3) to turn around
(4) to walk leisurely
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79 Q) To have something up one’s sleeves
(1) having a practical plan
(2) having an important project
(3) having an ambitious plan
(4) having a secret plan
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80 Q) To end in smoke
(1) to have a smoking session
(2) to be on fire
(3) to come to nothing
(4) to bum slowly
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